Silvia 8: 001

Author’s Note: So this is a story with my friends as characters and me as the narrator. But of course I do not really know how my friends would react in the situations, so it’s not them as people, but only characters inspired by them. Also with myself as the lead, it doesn’t mean that this is my thoughts entirely, because at times she, Emma, in this story will become someone else. Because I am not as cool as she’s going to be. Haha, I’ve decided to publish it here, so that my friends can read it. It is my idea entirely, I own everything. Thank you for reading.^^

” All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

001; A Silent World

I do not always like to socialize, at times people just don’t match my mood, and we tend to end up sitting in the living room doing nothing all day. And people just won’t let us use our phones, but we end up fishing them up from our pockets and just sending silly snaps to each other.

Well that was until the wifi died…

We were in this big cozy cabin in the end of the summer. It was quite cold outside, and our big nice long coats hung beside the two set doors at the entrance. We took the train into the city when going to school, though one day started out different. When standing at the nearly non-existent station which were mostly just two blocks of cement at each side of double train tracks, with some benches and half roofs that covered them giving shelter. On the other side of where we usually stood the woods slowly began, getting denser and denser, and somewhere inside the forest a few people actually lived. So there was a road going over the train station and past the forest where we lived heading towards one of the highways. One day though, the train just didn’t arrive. We were waiting, I was sitting on the bench, Naomi was looking tired as always beside me – looking like she could pass out at any moment – and Danna sat down as well beside Naomi while Maja was leaning against the wall of the canopy, and Julie was peeking out to look at the sky, though eventually getting wet by the rain.

Julie quickly hurried inside and frowned as she stared right ahead. “This is weird.”

I sighed and stood up, my hands buried in the deep pockets of my jacket. “Very weird, maybe it’s just late?”

Maja turned her head and looked as far she could down the train tracks. “We should’ve heard it by now at least.”

Danna tapped her fingers on her knee worriedly. “It’s over 15 minutes late.”

  “Maybe an accident has happened?” I said when pictures of horrors went through my head. Imagining the train having fallen off the tracks, or the bridge over the river a mile below having molded away, letting the huge wagons fall into the deep.

Naomi pulled me out of my thoughts. “Or a problem happened and it stopped to fix it.”

  “It usually sends a message if it’s that late.”

  “Why do we live so far away in the deep of the country?” I complained and Maja shrugged.

  “I’m used to it.”

I stared at her in disbelief. “Then do you have a way out?”

Maja shook her head. “Let’s just wait.”

We all nodded. “Ah yeah, let’s just wait.” I sat down again before giving my scarf to Naomi who looked like she was freezing to death, and as always she forgot to dress warmly. My scarf is huge and dark blue and it contrasted her pale skin. She buried her face in it, releasing a groan of satisfaction. I just buttoned and zipped my jacket up so that it could cover me from the wind that easily found a way to us.

An hour passed and we all knew we would be late for school even if the train came.

  “Should we wait longer?” Julie asked and I stood up stomping a bit to get some warmth to reach my toes again, even if I wore thick home knitted socks in my big boots, they didn’t help when I’ve been sitting still for over an hour.

  “I’ll pass.” I said before I turned my hood up and walked out in the now much lighter rain and down the road towards home. Naomi followed with a groggy line of curses and Maja shrugged before following us and Julie and Danna eventually followed as well.

I decided to lighten the mood for us all with baking cookies and we drank tea while camping in the cozy living room and sitting on the kitchen counters. With our feet wrapped in knitted socks dangling off the edge while wearing thick knitted hoodies and just having our hair hanging loose. We quickly changed out of our uniforms as soon as we got home and it was nice just to relax. Naomi was sleeping on the couch, while Danna was as happy as ever, doing homework while we waited for the cookies to finish inside the oven. Maja was sitting by the dinner table which also were in the kitchen with her laptop, and she was looking for a movie we could watch. Julie was surfing the channels on the television, yelling to us which movies came in the television, well until I hissed that she should keep her voice down since Naomi was sleeping. But Julie just answered that she hadn’t even stirred. The last year of high school in this country is hard.

We passed this day with no worries, hoping the mistake would be fixed by the next morning, but as we stood there we all felt a heavy feeling settle in our chests. We ended up walking home again, the train was nowhere to be seen. The channels started to die out, there was no television and Maja angrily cursed as she hit the top of the flat screen.

I was sitting in the corner of our couch, eyeing the flickering screen. “Something is happening guys.”

The third day we settled in the kitchen with mugs between our clasped hands and the rest of cookies there was left on a plate in front of us.

  “I’m so happy we went with the idea of having a food stock in the basement…” I spoke. Today we shifted between waiting and no train came the whole day.

I was walking with a thermo cup filled with chocolate coffee as I headed towards the station where Maja was sitting. It didn’t exactly rain today, but the sky was grey, covered by heavy clouds. I walked up the few sets of stairs up to the platform and smiled when I saw her dressed in her ski jacket and beanie, sitting with a book on the bench. She looked up from the page when I headed towards her and she smiled. I gave her a smile as well and sat down, handing her the thermo cup and she beamed. “You’re the best!” She cheered and immediately took a zip.

I watched her for a moment before taking off my bag and digging into it, finding the lunch Julie and I had made for Maja. “Here.” I said and smiled. “A late lunch.”

Maja laughed. “Well, aren’t we used to that?” She asked and I nodded before she continued. “I haven’t heard the train, we have no idea what is happening in the city since the television is out and our internet as well.

  “We should call someone.” I said and Maja chuckled.

  “Maybe we should’ve done that as the first thing.”

I laughed. “Well, better late than never.” I said as I pressed the numbers of my best friend Trine in and pressed the green button to call.

A distant voice answered on the phone. “Hello? Emma! Why haven’t you called yet? Something scary is happening…” Her voice faded.

My eyes were much more serious now. “What are you talking about?” I asked and shared a gaze with Maja.

  “Something strange is appearing… Like… from space.”

  “Space?” I repeated in a whisper and Maja frowned.

  “A big shadow is lowering from the sky…”

I listened closely, and sure, it sounded like panic. “Then where are you right now?”

  “I’m alone… At the school, but I’ve went into an empty class room…”

  “You should… you should come to our place, I think it’s safer out here.”

  “It’s planes… different planes like… spaceships, Emma. People say the creatures that run around are aliens.”

  “Aliens?” I stood and looked around, the sky looked clearer. We sure lived far away from the city, but something told me that the aliens  would take the cites at first and then us living in the country. Why was I thinking this? Maybe it all was just a prank?

  “Can you get to our house by car maybe?” I asked and felt the wind run through my hair. Maja settled the food and thermo cup on the bench and stood as well and she waited for Trine’s response.

  “Sure, well, I don’t even have a driving license but I’ll see what I can do.” She answered me with an sarcastic tone, but she sounded like she was going to do it. “Can I take Kris with me?”

  “Kris?” I asked in disbelief. “You’re not talking about… Ah, of course I know. The model who looks like Kris a bit and that is actually named-“

  “Christian yes. But he’s my Kris.” She said and I could hear her pout in her voice.

  “I love you silly.” I laughed and told her to come as soon as she could.

When I hung up Maja stared at me for a moment. “Aliens?” She repeated and I chuckled.

  “It can’t be.” I said and stared at the sky, as if I could see the ships sink into Earth’s atmosphere and fly across the sky. How would they look like? They said creatures… Does that mean it’s those green like aliens? Or some more monstrous ones? Will they speak our language or just kill us to take over Earth? Maybe destroy Earth?

Maja squealed. “It’s happening!” She said and I snapped my head towards her. Instead of the feeling of horror, excitement filled my chest.

  “Where not alone! I knew it!” I said cheerfully and we high fived each other.

  “What should we do?” She asked after a moment, settling down again, having forgotten about the food.

  “We should go back… Wait for Trine and Kris to arrive, and maybe try to see if we can escape or confront the aliens when they come in a friendly way.” Suddenly flashes hit me. “What about my family? EXO?”

  “Oh my god Emma, why doesn’t it surprise me that you mentioned EXO.”

  “Well maybe because I’m a dedicated fan…” I silenced and then quickly packed the food and turned to leave. “We should get going…”

Maja followed me as we walked down the gravel road, looking at the wide landscape with a feeling of dread. Would be the last time we would walk on this road on our way home from the station?

Though I still couldn’t stop myself from being excited. I’ve wished for something exciting to happen my whole life. For something to happen so that it could take this boredom of life away, and here it came. With a storm… aliens… Aliens! They are invading Earth and we should be terrified. But here we were, Maja and I talking about how we could go with the aliens, maybe even go with them to see their planet. Everything for the adventure!

Maja and I stood on the veranda and gazed at the little area we had around our house, and then to the forest.

  “This will be the end of a world…” Maja spoke softly.

  “… and the beginning of a new one.” I said and Maja pressed her lips into a thin line. I nodded, I understood how she felt, but we had to do this. We had to at least save our group of friends, we couldn’t… no matter how much we wished we couldn’t just travel back to find our parents and family. This was the end. I just hoped the best for them. I hoped to find them, but something deep inside my heart told me that I wouldn’t make it if I ran back home. I had to stand my ground here and look forward. I and my friends had to live. They were my family too.

With a last gaze at the sky to assure myself that we still had time. I ran into the house and began to gather everyone.

So we settled this time in the living room. Some of us had a cup of warm chocolate in hand, others were eating, but Maja and I decided to quickly settled in the couch, so that we could tell everyone as soon as possible.

Everyone were gawping after I finished talking and the room were filled with silence afterwards. I shifted between looking at everyone and saw disbelief display in their faces, then amusement but it changed to fear. At last. Fear. The most dreading feeling that we humans have. The most terrible and destroying thing. Our fears ruin everything.

  “Don’t be scared.” I assured them but Danna just snapped her head at me.

  “Don’t be scared? The world is ending!”

I sniffled and titled my head a bit. “That won’t mean it’ll be our end.” I said and Danna shook her head, she seemed angry.

  “If the world ends, many will die, those aliens… monsters are going to kill us all!” Then she silenced for a moment, staring intensely at me. “Are you happy?”

I shook my head, but I guess my real excitement had showed. “I won’t lie that I think of this as an opportunity to escape the everyday life… but I’m of course, terrified because of all the deaths that probably has occurred and will occur.”

Danna glared at me. “What are we going to do?”

I thought for a moment, though I think the moment stretched to minutes. “At first, we will need to understand that from now on there’s only us. When Trine and Kris arrive there will only be us. Our family may not be with us, our family may not come with us. We can just as well settle ourselves with the thought of our family dead.” My voice broke at the last part. It wasn’t easy, but we had to cry now and then fight, because we cannot win if we do not fight. And I won’t give in, I won’t die now. There’s  so much I haven’t done, too much I haven’t seen… If they decide to go and find their families, I won’t come with them.

I looked down at my phone that I held loosely in my hand. My mom had written a message.

  “Honey, stay safe, stay alive. Don’t come back, but look forward, we were right. Let’s go and check it out. I love you. Please stay alive so that we can meet again soon.”

I wiped away a tear that landed on my phone’s screen and sniffled.

Dad: “I guess I won’t see you in the movies. Won’t be able to see your work in the cinema. But promise me that I’ll see you survive this. That I’ll see you again. We still don’t know what they are. Stay alive okay? Answer if you can. Dad.”

Me: “I’m okay. I’ll fight to survive and I’ll see you. Soon. I love you.”


So my family was gathered and it seemed like they were safe, but what about Naomi’s and Danna’s family? Julie’s? Maja’s? What about Trine’s and what about so many other people?

So the day went past like that. We all separated to our rooms where we sat in our beds, crying all day. I guess some prayed, but I’m not a prayer. I wish. I think of the outcome I want and I’ll get it if I believe in it.

I was sitting in my bed which was place in the corner with a view over the wall with the big wide window. Beneath it stood my desk, I loved to look out when I wrote on my laptop or made homework. I had decided to listen to some silent music, nearly muted but still there. I felt like I could hear the screams from both people and sirens, the loud sounds of the helicopter or maybe even feel the ground shake because of tanks and soldiers… I felt the panic of the world settle in my chest, spreading through my veins and completely devouring me. I released a groan, I shouldn’t feel like this. I need to take this option as something good.

I let my gaze settle on the white fabric of the sheets beneath me, there was a print of a pink rose on it, repeating itself so that the white was covered by hundreds of small roses. My finger traces the soft fabric and I let my eyes run over the cozy and bright room. Living with my friends was a dream coming true. We fell in love with this place, not minding the distance from the city at all. Feeling like this was our escape from school and all the stress from work. I usually finished my homework or assignments in the coupé on my way home.

The next day I made breakfast for everyone and told them to go upstairs and make Maja’s room really nice and cozy and then we’ll be settling there for the day. I decided to make Korean food, a dish I learned from the restaurant I work in. When Danna and Naomi helped me carry it all up we all heard the sound of two planes, but they sounded strange and the world shook as they flew pass our house.

  “Do you think?” Naomi said and I looked up, as if I could see the planes through the roof. It was them.

I went downstairs to get something for us to drink, while everyone were upstairs, and that was when I heard a knock on the door. A feeling of dread ran through my body as I stared at the doorway leading to the hallway. It had sounded strong and powerful, maybe they had heard it upstairs as well?

It was like when they called you in for oral exam, that feeling that spread in my body, I could only compare it to that.

I put away the two 2 liter bottles of soda and continued forward towards the door, my face turned to look up where I knew the girls would be, and I hesitated to open the door. I cautiously looked through the window on the side and… A redheaded tall girl was waving at me. Who am I kidding?
I ripped open door and threw myself into the arms of my childhood friend. It was Trine!

  “You came!” I cheered and gripped her upper arms firmly, happy to see her face, to know that she was with me. She was a part of my family after all. At least I got one home.

  “I did! And Kris is with me!” She smiled and the boy beside her gave me a dazzling smile as he nodded in greeting.

I felt a little flustered, since he was indeed very handsome. “Welcome Kris!” I said and glanced behind them. The forest looked as peaceful as always, and the trees swayed in the wind. Nothing was different, other than the new car standing in the right side of the driveway. We were alone, they hadn’t come to us yet.

We all just sat lifelessly in the living room one day. None of us really spoke, and I was the only one moving around. I was standing by the window, peeking out through the curtains. I glanced around, we had to lift the mood in some way. It was chokingly silent, as if we knew our death was soon to come.

  “Hey?” I called and some snapped their eyes to me in fear of me telling them that someone had arrived, others just slowly shifted their gaze to me. “Should we bake something? And drink hot chocolate and just do something nice? I don’t like this sorry mood.”

Danna gave me a glare and I immediately lowered my eyes to the wooden floor. She was mad at me for not realizing what was happening, but I’m a dreamer. You can’t expect me to lose hope. I never lose hope, it’s always there.

I wanted to talk with her, to tell her that I’m only being positive and that I’m not trying to be foolish. I know I may not have the right reaction, but this is exciting. I won’t waste my last days crying, hating the outcome of my life, I’d rather explore as much as I can and be amazed with the last days I see, and die in hope that life was still an option.

Trine was quick to skip into the kitchen with a funny comment thrown over her shoulder and Naomi pushed herself up with  lack of strength, but still with a small smile and I smiled at her as well. I had to keep them all going. We couldn’t die.

I decided to take Maja with me outside, I felt like I could really talk to her about all of this, and she immediately nodded when I went to ask her.

We walked through the driveway and towards the road that led to the station and to the highway further away. As we spoke we suddenly heard a sound near us and we rushed for cover in the forest. A plane… no a spaceship appeared in our views and it stopped above us. It was dark but with some colors of blue and the smooth metal it was built with reflected its surroundings. It was looking like a very minor spaceship, probably less than 10 meters long. It gave out a humming sound, sounding someway foreign like a different creature and I felt Maja pull in my sleeve.
  “It is lowering.” She whispered and I squinted up at it. It had seen us.

  “Run back!” I said and immediately sped down the road, with Maja beside me. We flew up the stairs and ripped the door open before hurrying inside. I locked the door as I heard Maja tell everyone to go to the basement. I frowned, what would be the best thing to do?

I watched everyone display fear and I too felt it gnaw at my muscles, they’re coming…




A/N: It’s not really… perfect yet. I’ll edit some things later if I decide for it to become something else than entertainment for my friends. Thank you for reading.^^