in your world everyone is the enemy

even your best friend

or well… you wouldn’t hurt your friends more than your enemy would you?


would you?



i actually feel pain


but i won’t let myself cry


you’re not worth it


i won’t let your sick words get to me


you are not worth it anymore


i do not enjoy living
such a hard life
a teenager
beginning your life
and it’s the worst

does that mean
that it will end
in even more agony
does it mean
that the darkness
becomes twilight
that love
that you haven’t 
even experienced yet
won’t ever come?

i know that it gets better
but i’ve run out of patience
i’ve run out of time
i’m spending the last bits
of my childhood
crying into my own hands
sitting on the floor
slowly dying 
until ash becomes a phoenix
until i rise as a stronger person

but at first it’s agony
and in pain i must be


Start running. Let me see you run.

Isn’t that all we do nowadays? Run like there’s no going back, run like there’s something slipping away from you up front, like something is hunting you?

In silence and in embraces, in moments where the wind catches you and you stop. In moments when you breathe in deeply. You live in those moments, and many moments will pass you by.

That’s why you will have to grab the moment. But the thing is… you can’t.

But you can throw yourself into it.