“mom i’m hungry, can’t we have dinner early today?”
“go grocery shopping then…”
“then i’m not hungry.”
“we could order?”
“i’ll call.”

this happens to often hahaha~



i am so desperate to get out of this

i want to kill myself to make this pain stop

i want to momentarily die or something so that i can run away from this but i can’t

i hate everything so much and there’s no way out

nobody can help me, they say the obvious; you just have to make it through. pull yourself together. 

i just can’t


let’s count to ten.

one. you think this is a game?

two. are you even… listening to me?

three. you “can’t” hear me?

four. of course you can!

five. i’m beginning to doubt it.

six. doubt the future of us.

seven. if you’re gonna play life, my life, like it’s a freaking game…

eight. you’re not stupid.

nine. is my pain some sort of trophy?

ten. what are you so proud of?