i look up at the stars
and see unwritten, unheard and unseen wonders
i look up and i hear your laugh,
see the second star twinkle
and i hear the wind howling
see the light of the candle dancing
i do believe
in me and you
thank you, pan

to live, will be an awfully big adventure~



though i’ve given up
hope will not leave me

it’s only to save me
from making a fool of myself

stay cool

when did that become my goal?

is it that weird to be passionate
to be hopeful, to dream

is it that wrong to believe
to wish, and to trust


how can that be great?

how can we focus on pain,
how is it only right to feel hurt

how is it only right to hate
how is it onlt right to be negative


that’s what i want to see.

that is what i want to dream of.


I’ve always been surrounded by beautiful people.
I always did daring things that led me into meeting them.
Still I was far from them, and I could only admire their beauty.
Wishing for me to come up to them, to become like them, to be as talentful as them.
In a way I am, because how else could I come so close?
Touching them is like being choked by inspiration, motivation.
I’ll be by your side soon, I’ll stand on that stage soon.
You just wait. The people can’t pull me down, somehow I’ll show myself worthy.

Worthy of your love.
Worthy of everyone’s love.
I am not lesser, I am more.
So if you think otherwise you can leave.
I won’t crawl, I will run.
Faster and faster.
Until the setting sun, will be my background.
I’ll rise in flames, surprising you all.
I am all that is worth.

Nothing in the world is impossible to me.


In a world of scary places, you search for shelter. Sometimes you have to create that one yourself. Sometimes you get help from others. Sometimes, they will be the one to remove the stick holding the roof up and it will all crash down upon you. You trusted them to hold it with you, you trusted them.
That’s the thing. You cannot trust anyone. Choose carefully of whom you choose to put your trust in. Because if you see a sunny sky and can finally leave the shelter, even then, they may choose to let go of the stick and let the roof crash down upon you both.
Family, friends, beloved ones will hold you back.
So choose carefully.
Still, you’ll get a few rooftops on your head before you learn to see them through.


i just knew that would happen
such an unlucky soul
captured in a darkness
i’ve experienced for so long

and my friend
the only way out of it
is the same one i’ve taken
again and again

so don’t be too sad
i will never get mad
i will be there for you
just get out of it too