i will stop searching for love
if it ever will, let it come to me


Family Business

It was never perfect,  but manageable. Now the water is running, the glass can’t hold it in anymore. Nobody is perfect so stop pointing out their mistakes  every other minute. We were one buy now we’re none. We were while but now we’re  torn apart. I will be leaving soon,  can they survive without  me? Grow up you two. Face it off. I’m tired of handling your shit. You should be handling mine. I got so many  worries. I shouldn’t  have them but I do. And now… it’s up to me once again. Clearing up after a fight. Playing the mother because your parents can’t handle you anymore. It’s embarrassing.

And so we’re  leaving it all behind. Because  of stubbornness  and pride.

Tearing apart our family.

It was all I had.


my freedom lies one day away
i’m all used up
i have no inspiration left
it has been taken and broken
and i just lie on the ground
eyes upon the key
to the chains closed around my ancles
one more pull
and then i can lie on the ground
just free to go


you’re being selfish!
and that is not
what a relationship is about!

me me me me me me = loneliness for both parts

no love, only taking and taking
accepting and loving
it’s all gone

fairytales and true love aren’t real
well only because we stop them
they speak of good

and we fucking throw it away


If the person really likes you, they would want to spend time with you, and take out an hour of their day for you.

I am not liked by you.

And so you do not deserve me. I will manage to get over you. I will be free of these confusing thoughts.  You’re tearing me down and you shouldn’t. I do not hate you, but I don’t want to like you like that.

With time… they say…

Guess my time is eternal.