white frame
a faded orange roof
green field beneath a grey sky
red leaves still holding on
even so far into winter
soon you’ll be green
soon you’ll be blue
soon it’ll all be brightly illuminated
by the sun’s warm rays
may summer come soon
may summer come soon



Small parties aren’t exciting anymore

thought his was gonna be nice and great and I’m bored as hell… life is just a disappointment… fuck


I was asked
who or what
would brighten up
a dark day
when I was down
and I thought of her,
her nice smile,
her jokes,
her lovely family
and lying with her in
her wide bed,
watching weird videoes
and talking about our

I thought about
my mother too,
her warm embrace,
her lovely laugh,
and her comforting and
wise words.

And then I thought,
of music too,
tunes that could lift
my heavy mood,
as if it was weightless.

These two people,
and these magic sounds,
can conquer any darkness,
within my heart.