the well

depression is like falling into a well
some are deeper than others
so deep the light above you can’t be seen
i know it’s up there, because reason is still with me
soaked to my knees i reach up
grabbing the wall and hoisting myself up
but my feet are wet and i slip and fall down
drowning for a while as i try to figure out
where the surface is

then you stand there again, looking up
people are talking up above you,
you call out for help, and sometimes a robe
is thrown down, but it’s not long enough
because they don’t know how deep down you are
so reach up for it, climb up for it, but eventually gives up
“you’re not trying!” you don’t know, your feet aren’t wet
your hands aren’t sore, the water is quite tempting
maybe i should keep my face beneath the surface?

but to hell with that, some light just shone down upon me.
reason haven’t be taken from me yet, i can hear the birds sing
my hands are dry now, i’ll try again, up and up and u-
water splashes down into my face and my left hand slips
so even the world above his fighting to keep me down here
but i want so badly to feel dry ground,
i want so badly to be touched by the sun, i want it all so bad
but i can’t hang there for long, so i slip and i fall
hopefully the next time i try to climb up, i won’t get pushed down.


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