Page 172

Page 172

Dear world,

Here I am, in my bedroom, where I have been sitting many times, looking out of the window, upon a ever changing world. Tomorrow is the day that I will be the hero I talked about in page 1. I will my own hero. For I have managed to go through hard times, surviving 3 years of hardships. The last 2 years have been even harder than the first and the last year was harder than the other two. Still even when my world was darkest, I managed it through. Now I will not forget the other heroes in my life. They have been the reason that I managed to still be my own hero and not my own villain.
Tomorrow will be a milestone that I have reached and I have reached a few now. This might not even be the biggest one, but for now, it is.
So with a nervous and quivering smile I imagine tomorrow. “So many thing can go wrong…” A voice whispers. “So many things can go right.” I say even louder and hold onto that thought. I could do great. I could come out with a smile. The weather could be great, even though that is not what the weather news told me. Tomorrow could be fun, the party where we celebrate how far I’ve reached, it could be awesome. I could be holding the most awesome speech and I could go to bed… happy and satisfied.
I’m never satisfied but… somehow I got the feeling that maybe this time, I will be. I have worked hard these last days. So the effort should pay off.

No matter what, tomorrow I’m free.


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