The Strangeness of Living

Life is so strange in its own wonderful way, and still we’re caught in these awful circles of a pained existence. But really, life is like an open door, you only have to step through it. All the obstacles we, as a human race, have made, we must go through them, but don’t let that ruin the amazing thing that is living.

The stars and the universe beyond… Such a big and inexplicable thing, we are so small, and we are lucky to be able to gaze upon it. So many wonders, so many experiences lies ahead and we sulk in the moment? Life is never ruined, there’s always a choice, always an opportunity to change, and sometimes patience is all that is needed.

Live, learn and experience the weird existence of humanity. Living in the moment is appreciating, is seeing things as if it was the first time. Lingering in the spot while staring at the sunset because these colors of nature never ceases to amaze. That is living.

Hardships and other things that seems pointless are not pointless at all, and do yourself a favor and believe in yourself. That way you’ll make it through, and remember to smile and to try. Trying is what makes us an amazing species, we keep on trying, we keep on having hope.

You are the master of your life, and you are an explorer and you can breathe and you can paint your life with the colors you want. But first, you’ll have to learn which colors you like, and it can be a hard experience.

Don’t hate yourself for your mistakes, for the things you are unable to do. If we all could do what we wanted, and be “perfect”, where would the amazing things come from? It is from mistakes we learn and it is from mistakes that wonderful things happen.

All is well. You’re well. Everything is well.


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