The number 3.

I’ve experienced its pain and its wrath when it suddenly turns to 2 + 1.
When you become the one, who sits in front of the two that judges you.
But I’ve always had one. 1 + 1. Together we were 2, and I could always leave any number that hurt me and walk back to being number 2 together with the one.
But then comes a number more and we become 3. But us three together, it was always 2 + 1 or 1 + 2. Always one would be separated and that was I, number 1, I fought against it and you two embraced the lonely one and together we forged the number 3 into a glorious number that made it as enthralling as it is in fairytales. The most important number, if you want to go on the greatest adventure.
And all our greatest adventures are going to experienced as three.



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