Kill Me

Bottling up my feelings,
and they will break it,
shatter it into pieces,
break me,
force their way,
through my chest,
through my eyes,
through my mouth,
in a scream,
in a cry,
in a bitter tone.

Tearing at the paper,
ripping it apart,
as I do to my opportunities,
kill me,
ruin my future,
with a shrug,
with a wave,
with a sigh,
no smile,
no luck,
no second chances.

Smashing the mirror,
breaking a knuckle,
ruining my reflection,
stop me,
without care,
by ignoring me,
by shushing me,
by forgetting me,
just nothing,
just glances,
just utter silence.


4 thoughts on “Kill Me

    1. Hello! I am okay, I would say I’m through my depression, but in hard times it easily comes back. But I know I can handle it and get through it. But thank you for this comment. It warms my heart! ❤

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