I was born to be your soldier.

Through mud and streams of rain,
through the loneliest woods,
through the deserted deserts,
through waste snowy fields,
through pitch black tunnels,
I will walk through everything,
to get to you.

I am a mere shield,
a mere arrow sent through the sky,
to go into battle,
to make sure wherever you are,
you will be safe.

And though you are strong,
I sense that the mountain is crumbling,
and what can I do but try to stop the boulders,
that rushes down the hill?
I will gather them and push them back,
so that all will be in place again.

I am your lantern,
when darkness surounds you,
I will be your light.
You may want to shut it out,
but have you ever seen anything this bright?

Castles are our homes,
thrones are your place to be,
but my place is beside you,
holding a sword and shield,
to run into battle when you command it,
to defeat the darkness that comes for you.

In silence you know my darkness,
you know that this soldier fears the day,
more than she would fear the night.
Because smiling isn’t easy,
but this soldier does it for you.
You may brush it off, but I know,
this soldier know, that you will smile too.

Someday, one day,
we will be okay, again.


“You’re a goal-driven person, but while you have the big picture in mind, every day is a struggle and a new challenge. People around you have high expectations for you, and you are often unsure if you can meet those expectations.”