Turn it on,

brighter, brighter.

My whole word turns,

lighter, lighter.


Sinking into comfortable silence,

nerves, buzzing.

I’m on edge with you,

flickering, sensing.


At your doorstep I leave the world behind,

Quiet, silent.

Just us two, we need no one else,

closer, safer.


And yet the fear isn’t gone, the reason,

distance, distance.

My heart and mind are in dilemma,

but this is life, this is living.

Living, loving.


I’ll Say It

Those three words, are said too much.
They don’t reach as deep as love.

And I want to love, I want to love.
But from what I’ve heard you get hurt so much.

On the tip of my tongue, they almost pass my lips.
As I feel your skin beneath my fingertips.

“I’ll wait for you” but really you don’t have to.
Or maybe you do, how could I be expected to-

Know what love is, know what love is.
When all I’ve seen is hurt and hatred.

It doesn’t last, it isn’t real.
But that’s just a way of me defending myself.

And what is there to protect?
It seems more as if I’m keeping my heart away from something safe.

“You’re my best friend” “I love you” My heart skipped two beats.
As we lie tangled in your flower printed sheets.

I’ll say it one day, I’ll let it pass my lips.
As I’ll feel your heart beating beneath my fingertips.