The Sky Will Clear

Your eyes speak for you,
the way you run your hand through your hair,
the way you turn your face away,
turn your back on me.
No words that I say reaches you,
there’s a wall of ice between us,
thick as it is I see you clearly,
hiding behind it and feeling cold and alone.

I fight it with fire,
I fight it with love,
I fall silent with you,
and my hand is pressed against the cold ice,
and I fall to my knees.
Do my voice even reach you,
or do my words disappear?
I feel your sorrow, know that I’m here.

If I knew what love is,
I would preach it to everyone,
to make it easier for them to understand.
Love isn’t the same for anyone,
so here I am with a puzzle,
in front of a door leading to a room you’re in.
The key is the puzzle, but you want to know,
you want to know right now.

And I fumble with the pieces,
and I drop them with trembling hands.
I knock on the door instead,
yet I receive no answer.
It’s not my fault, I know it isn’t.
But I wish I could touch your heart,
warm it with my own two hands,
Trust me on this, dawn is near.

Summer will come,
Summer is right here.
With you under the moon, I feel at peace.
But you worry about the moon,
because I can’t stay
to watch the sun rise with you.
I’ve been there before,
hating myself and feeling hopeless.

All I want is to tear the clouds apart,
and let the sun shine on you.
Watch your skin brighten,
and your blue eyes clear.
I want to chase away the shadows,
and take your hand in mine.
We’ll walk up this hill togehter,
even if it’s not my hill to climb.

When darkness embraces us,
the light we seek is brighter.
So walk in the fog with me,
let’s chase this light,
through cold and blur,
I’ll be the one to make sure,
that we get through this,
that we love our way through this.


and this is where we choose whether to work it out or let it go.

But But

There are voices.
Telling me this isn’t real,
this is not what I searched for.
This is not forever,
love is fleeting,
feelings come and go.

But now there is a bond beyond that,
I let it go too far,
I ended up falling for you.
And I keep on falling,
deeper and deeper.
Forever isn’t needed.

Yet reality comes back,
you want to reach your dreams,
won’t he limit that?
You have to work hard,
you can’t enjoy something as fragile.
It could fall apart and ruin you.

But what if it made me stronger?
What if it brought me to some place,
I could never have gone alone?
What if it’s a bridge towards a home?
Can’t I live in forever just for a moment,
a promise with him?

But I do not believe in love,
and maybe I never will.
Maybe that’s my curse to live with,
being unable to love truly and fully,
with no fear and no regrets.
Maybe that’s my curse.

Yet I don’t want to bring that onto you,
You don’t deserve someone who doubts,
This is my flaw, this is the worst flaw.
You’re my first love and I force myself to be ready to let go.
Let you go, leave you behind.
How could I live with myself?

And that’s the thing… I could.
Because I am not good to myself,
a voice would say, you made the right choice.
Love isn’t the thing to choose, you have dreams to live.
My dream has never been love,
love has always been a nightmare.

And yet I fucking love this nightmare.
Of holding on or letting go.
I’ll hold on for as long as I can,
maybe let myself believe that there is no end.
Maybe this place is a beginning,
and maybe you’re a part of that.

There are voices in my head,
telling me this is real.
This is what I waited for.
This could be forever,
love is deep and it lasts,
this is worth holding onto.


I am afraid of love,
and love was afraid of me.

But I dared to take a step,
and you dared to take three.

Now I am falling in love,
and love is surrounding me.

Yet the fear always come back,
because the fear is buried deep.

We could become something great,
and we both wish to be.

But our time is limited,
so let’s just go to sleep.