The Ash In Our Clothes (retry)



new haircolor



ignore the first picture, i was actually trying to be creepy, but i don’t even look that creepy as i wanted it to. now it just looks like i’m trying to be pretty xD but after reading the secret my confidence is going up. still the sudden flashes of insecurity hits me, like it did to the party yesterday, but i’m sure i will build it up to be better and stronger. i took on a dress i thought was too much, since why not? my friends told me it was pretty so i did. i wore it and i got a lot of positive attention. that was great, and from now on, i should really not focus on all the negative stuff, but only expect good things, because what you think about is what comes to you.~ 

The Secret;

Thanks to the book; “The Secret for Teenagers” hope has blossomed in my world and I feel like life has started anew. I was really down last Friday, and felt like I’d lost all hope. But I was determined to start over, to find something that I could hold onto. And I’m on it.^^