“School teaches kids irrelevant things, but not how to deal with real life.”

No. Through life we learn from hardships, from pain, from all the stress school brings upon us, we learn what we can and what we can’t take. We learn how it feels to be unwanted, unloved, stupid and useless. We then look at the happy people and think, how did you reach that point? Where did you turn where I didn’t? And they tell us and we learn.

School should have some important lessons, where they guide. It sounds weird yes, but life isn’t an easy road, and school doesn’t make it easier. So instead we find learning from other places, and that can well, be okay, we learn by ourselves. We grow strong with our own help.

Still a little push out the door with a packed luggage, wouldn’t be bad.



for once i wish i would not be angry with myself, but someone else


in a broken tone
i flatter myself
i wish for a smile to appear
but find an empty shelf

you see those who hurt you
you let go
you leave

but when i know they are broken
and that’s why they unknowingly do it
i can’t just leave them

so i wait
for the right opportunity
that never will come

and so i am hurt
again and again



in a massive explosion of words
i fall towards perish and destruction
i scream and i reach out for anything
just anything

but why do i grab your outstretched hand
when i surely know that it was the hand
i felt against my lower back
sending me to my death