Setting Sun

Sometimes the sun gets too close and you burn and you burn.
Deep waters embrace you and pull you in, because it’s your turn.
It’s your turn to drown, to burn, to suffer and to cry.
To break and to hurt and to fall apart inside.
I swore to the sky that happiness was my choice in life.
But never have I been this scared of going outside.
I hope and I dream and I now I will get there one day.
But I forget to remember that some part of me will go away.
It will vanish and I will change and I will have to be stronger.
Even stronger than before and I wonder if I can do this any longer.
As the cries of my mother resonates in my mind,
I know my parting and my leave is about time.
I’ll have to go, I’ll have to leave,
to change my excistence and believe.
That better days will come and I will smile with more ease.
That better days will come and I will finally be at peace.