“This too shall pass.”


Testament of Youth

Before, youth fought battles,
but different than today.
They fought with weapons,
swords, riffles, guns, bombs…
They fought with bricks,
throwing them across the street.
They hid in the mud and cried,
cried for their mothers.
They gathered in groups,
they shared their anger,
they went into the streets.
But the streets are all empty,
because now we are sitting inside.
Locked behind a brightly lit up screen,
invisble wounds appearing every time,
a hurtful word appears.
Now, we battle with words,
we battle ourselves.
The monsters within.
The enemy is no longer another country,
but the enemy is inside of us,
under our skin, inside of our brains.
We silently scream at our parents,
“Help me! I’m suffering!”
But instead we curse at them.
We push away our friends,
we wind up and built walls
that youth once broke down,
we give up and give in to darkness,
where is the fire to keep going?
We no longer hold hands,
we whisper words into the air,
hoping to send them far away,
across boundaries and seas,
we comfort each other while,
we know we need comforting too.
We’re all broken, the road is broken.
With broken ankles we walk
trying to act steady,
and then we don’t walk at all.
But no one will see you fall,
you’ll vanish into thin air.
Leaving us all empty.
No tragic love stories,
no angry voices,
just bitterness and dispair.
Because we’re caught up
in numbers and seen as digitals,
we’re faceless in a crowd of voices,
we’re voiceless in a crowd of faces,
we’re nothing but the cold bitter wind.
We’re gone.
All because we lost the courage to stand up.
Stand up to our family, our friends,
our people, our country, our world,
our selves…
Don’t come begging for forgiveness,
don’t say another word.
Our youth, our youth is ours.
And let us lit it on fire,
let us burn and let us win.
Let our voices be heard,
our faces be seen,
and give in to happiness,
and give in to love.
Stop pretending, and stop
acting as if dying is the only option.
You have the option to fight to smile to win.
And stop acting as something you’re not.
Be you, be true and be young.
Because all we have is our youth.
Let’s burn it up and be remembered,
as the youth that lived.
As the youth that continued to fight,
but with love.


The number 3.

I’ve experienced its pain and its wrath when it suddenly turns to 2 + 1.
When you become the one, who sits in front of the two that judges you.
But I’ve always had one. 1 + 1. Together we were 2, and I could always leave any number that hurt me and walk back to being number 2 together with the one.
But then comes a number more and we become 3. But us three together, it was always 2 + 1 or 1 + 2. Always one would be separated and that was I, number 1, I fought against it and you two embraced the lonely one and together we forged the number 3 into a glorious number that made it as enthralling as it is in fairytales. The most important number, if you want to go on the greatest adventure.
And all our greatest adventures are going to experienced as three.



Watch the sun sink,
further and further,
vanishing below ground,
and leaving twilight in its waste.

Still when that twilight comes,
a thousand lights above appears,
in that moment, all worries vanishes,
’cause the world is asleep and you’re okay.

You’re okay, think about it,
the blue sky is calm,
it’s always there,
the leaves fall and come again.

Like the happiness that left you,
it will come again.
And it won’t be a blinding light,
but a peaceful calm embrace.

People will look at you worriedly,
they won’t understand your darkness,
when all they have is light,
how could anyone not see the stars at night?

But when you let go of gravity,
and look at the lights above,
you’ll get to see dawn,
and remember the people you’ve left behind.

Because one day, they’ll see stars,
and they’ll come with you,
into day’s calm light,
and no darkness can take away your sight.

That life is good, life is great.
But love is greater, and you create it,
by seeing the lowering sun as a blessing,
that another good day is ahead.


If beauty were created,
by sparkling crystal pieces,
sharp edges, but glass looking,
then that beauty would be you.

Rough as rocky landscape,
waves crashing against a cliff,
violent waters, harsh wind,
but beautifully merciless.

But there is grace in you,
in everything you do,
the imperfect you,
is better and perfect to me.

A piece in a trio,
a piece in a mirror,
reflecting two other people,
other than yourself.

Forever they’ll be there,
watching you on the other side,
but there with you too,
and you’re with them.

You’re fragile, crystal can shatter,
but you can cut like knives,
you can crash glass,
but you can shine.

And when I’m caught in the darkness,
you shine brighter than ever,
and all darkness flees,
from your grace and beauty.

You’ve got a way with words,
that I sometimes can’t grasp,
but I wish that with my words,
I can chase away the darkness within.