I am a coward.
I am not brave anymore.
There’s nothing to be brave for.
There’s nothing to live for anymore.

I am hopeless.
I do not have hope anymore.
There’s no life for people who are afraid.
There’s no life for people who can’t take it anymore.



delete delete delete
can i please erase
all the things i said and regret

insert insert insert
happiness in my life
prove my inner demons wrong

replace replace replace
this meaningless excistence
with hope and something to live for

Moments With You

The three of us, man, the three of us together.
Each sitting on a bench, eyes upon a small valley,
and all of us talking animatedly.
Dark times are closing in on us, some have already
have us in a tight grip.
Weird enough together we are happy, happily
talking about everything, promising to help each other.
Without you two, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today.
You are my strength, my family, my best friends…

Moments with you guys… are magical to me.